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Hi my name is Kelley Abbey and I'm the Owner & Founder of Jolie Pop! Gourmet Truffle Popcorn Kits. Pre Covid I owned and ran an events company in Calgary where I hosted hundreds of wine tastings for all different groups of people.  One of my most popular tastings was “Wine & Food pairings 101” where I would introduce my clients to the basics of pairing wine with food.  I’ve always loved the way wine can elevate a bite of food, and how it can change a whole dining experience. For these tastings I would start with my signature pairing; a bowl of Truffle Popcorn and a glass of Sparkling Wine.  As much as people loved the wine tasting, what everyone was always raving about at the end of the night was the Truffle Popcorn.  It started to have a bit of a cult following you could say.....
So from there, I perfected my recipe and made individual popcorn kits for you to recreate the gourmet experience in the comfort of your own home.
Jolie Pop! is best enjoyed with a glass of ice cold sparkling wine and surrounded by the people you cherish most. I hope you love it as much as I do. xo

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